Dr Clive Schneider Friedman

Dr. Clive Friedman  is a paediatric dentist practicing in London Ontario. He is an assistant clinical professor at both University of Western Ontario as well as the University of Toronto where he teaches the post graduate seminars on behaviour facilitation.


Clive has been very active with many dental organizations in Canada , United States and internationally. He currently serves on committees with the Ontario Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association and the International Association for Disability and Oral Health.  He has served as President of both the American Academy of Persons with Disability as well as the International Association of Disability and Oral Health.  A prime interest of Clive is access to care for both the paediatric as well as population with special needs.  As such he chaired the Committee on Early CHildhood Caries for the Canadian Dental Association and is in the process of working with the education committee of the IADH (International Association for Disability and Oral Health) in developing a common global core curriculum for for both undergraduate and post graduate education in special needs dentistry.


Clive completed a ten month  Co-active Leadership training program with CTI in 2000. Creating from self, others, the space and from everything are skills learned that he continues to use both as an educator and as a passionate believer in changing the paradigm of oral health practices within the dental profession.  As such he has spoken extensively both internationally and locally on topics of abuse, special needs, behaviour and risk assessment.

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