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Marielle Pariseau DMD

An inspiring dentist, entrepreneur and inventor, change leader and award winning speaker, Dr. Pariseau speaks about teeth like no one else. She holds a Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Université de Montréal; certificates in CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment) from University of California in San Francisco; in Chronic Disease Prevention from University of Toronto; in Social Entrepreneurship from University of Pennsylvania. She is a Yale University Global Health & Innovation Conference semi-finalist and her TEDx Salt Lake City Talk about teeth has attracted thousands of viewers and fans from around the world. Dr. Pariseau has given hundreds of hours of her time working with underserved populations in Canada, United States and Nicaragua. Her focus in her ongoing commitment to give: education, risk assessment and prevention where there are great needs for investment.

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Leading Change

At the heart of Shaping the Future of Dentistry is a small group of dentists passionately devoted to our profession, loyal to the continued success of dentistry, and who wish to:
-Promote fresh thinking
-Inspire colleagues into transformation
Engage our collectivity into the creation of a new model for Dentistry
For many reasons dentists are uniquely positioned to effect changes in health. First, we see our patients more often than most other health care professionals. Second, teeth’s unique design makes them perfect sentinels for the human body.
The mouth is the body’s dashboard, but if the health care conditions are such that we seldom communicate with our physician colleagues, what we see in the mouth can not contribute to the advancement of health care. Our ability to shift this paradigm will have tremendous benefit on health. ‘Shaping the Future of Dentistry’ is an invitation  to embark on a journey of reflection on WHAT IS today in dentistry, on what we need to let go of, and explore all opportunities for a more just delivery of care for the whole body. This project challenges dentists to move beyond their technical skills to embrace their role as physicians of the mouth.

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