Dentists Leaders in Health

 At the heart of Shaping the Future of Dentistry is a small group of dentists passionately devoted to our profession, loyal to the continued success of dentistry, and who wish to:

  • Promote fresh thinking with the use of courageous questions

  • Inspire colleagues into transformation

  • Engage our collectivity into the creation of a new model   for Dentistry

  • Share authentic leadership around the vision: “Dentists Leaders in Health”

  • Generate and expand the concept of participatory leadership


Dentists are uniquely positioned to effect changes in health. Our ability to shift our awareness will have tremendous benefit on health.

‘Shaping the Future of Dentistry’ is an invitation  to embark
on a journey of reflection Benefiting Health 2012-10-21 at 9.46.13 AMon WHAT IS today in dentistry, question the authenticity of our care for our patients and spark many conversations about our blind spot to transform it into a vision of health.

This project challenges dentists to change in ways that require more  than simply acquiring new technical skills.

The questions, all from the heart and from seeing with fresh eyes, are meant to serve as containers for our higher purpose. Join our BLOG

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