Why do our attempts to deal with the challenges of our time so often fail? Why are we stuck in so many quagmires today? The cause of our collective failure is that we are blind to the deeper dimension of leadership and transformational change. This “blind spot” exists not only in our collective leadership but also in our everyday social interactions. We are blind to the source dimension from which effective leadership and social action come into being… read more


Are dentists placing too much emphasis on restoration rather than prevention? What is the primary role of a dentist—as a health professional or disease facilitator? In this thought-provoking audiovisual presentation, the authors challenge dentists to re-examine how they deliver care to patients. The authors believe the profession should fully embrace new knowledge connecting the mouth to overall health and take part in a health-focused, sustainable transformation towards a risk management and preventive approach to care. Play video… 


As defined by educator Carolyn Baldwin, conversational leadership is “the leader’s intentional use of conversation as a core process to cultivate the collective intelligence needed to create business and social value.” It encompasses a way of seeing, a pattern of thinking, and a set of practices that are particularly important today, when the most important questions we face are complex ones that require us to develop new ways of thinking together to foster positive change. Read more…


America loves a hero. So does the rest of the world. Perhaps it’s our desire to be saved, to not have to do the hard work, to rely on someone else to figure things out. Constantly we are barraged by politicians presenting themselves as heroes, the ones who will fix everything and make our problems go away. It’s a seductive image, an enticing promise. And we keep believing it. Somewhere there’s someone who will make it all better. Somewhere, there’s someone who’s visionary, inspiring, brilliant, and we’ll all happily follow him or her. Read more…



6 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. Larry Burnett DDS

    I’m glad I found this. I have been looking for a way to keep in contact with you by e mail. I really want to keep up with what you re doing, including this great blog idea. Please write to me at the e mail address I just put here. We are really heading in the same directions. I’m most interested about your entrance into that medical situation.
    Larry 503-221-4236

    1. Larry,

      I am also delighted that you have found this! I hope we start a conversation that will eventually include many who also see the possibilities that exist to make a difference not only in oral health but also with general health. I also look forward to learning from you.



  2. Hello Mariel,

    I, too, am excited to have found you! The challenge which you present to all of us is to contribute our individual areas of expertise.

    We must meet the challenges which the paradigm shifts are presenting and we cannot do it alone!

    Thank you,


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