Caring for People Beyond the Dental Office

Imagine, tooth decay, not frogs, gone in 2099… How we can achieve this is not quite clear. But the WHY is VERY clear: tooth decay is preventable.

Tooth decay is the most common disease in childhood and adulthood. In this 21st century, despite great advances in knowledge, treatment and technology, most people around the world still experience tooth decay.

Dr John Featherstone, dean of the school of dentistry at UCSF, has been researching tooth decay prevention and working on the applications of his model for prevention for almost 4 decades.

In collaboration with Coursera, John is offering a FREE online course that sums up his life long research and will bring us along the path towards a decay free future. This course is open to ALL.

Join me and my colleagues on a learning journey that will no doubt help Shaping the Future of Dentistry.

TO enroll in this course, please visit

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