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Understanding and Treating Dental Caries in Young Children and Young Adults

The bacteria responsible for tooth decay generate acids from the fermentable carbohydrates we eat every day… A presentation by Drs Ian McConnachie and Stephen Abrams

Teeth First

Loaded with colourful visuals TEETH FIRST, designed by Dr Marielle Pariseau, is an educational presentation for senior elementary school students to share important knowledge about teeth that will inspire them to make healthy choices for healthy smiles and, as a result, a healthy life. Tooth decay is preventable. Living a cavity-free life is entirely possible. Making healthy choices to achieve this goal may also reduce the likelyhood of obesity…

New Technologies in Caries Diagnosis

In this piece presented at the May 2012 AAPD annual Session, Dr Ian McConnachie engages the viewer into shifting from a surgical approach in Dentistry to one of risk management and meaningful prevention. An important shift because we know that when a lesion is left to extend until a filling is needed, the clinical opportunity for effective prevention is lost…