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New ideas

I want to believe that dentists are ready for new ideas. Many feel isolated and exhausted from the constant fragmenting imposed by hygiene checks and multiple operatories. Yet, it is this ‘busy-ness’ that keeps them, us, away from the healing new ideas, increasingly disconnected from our higher purpose, from the work that is calling us.

Our current health care system is dying. It is dying because it was a fraud to begin with: it never was a health system. Rather, it is a disease management system. With the never ending fire-drill that defines the life in a dental office, Dentistry is on a parallel track that concerns many of us. No one has a clear vision of what the new system should look like. Conditions of health care have eroded because we all forgot to pay attention.

Last week, in Salt Lake City, Utah, I participated in the ‘Healthier Healthcare Systems’ workshop, a defining experience of inspiring leadership. There, I rubbed shoulder with physicians, generalists, internists and specialists, nurses, administrators and facilitators, all sharing a dream of creating a new and better system.

Many seeds of vision were planted during this workshop. While, as the only dentist present, I made sure that the mouth would not be left out of any of the visions, I held on to the belief that dentists are in an ideal position to initiate and fully support a much needed health resurrection.


This demands that we come to a full stop, a place where images of what is possible emerge, a place where we ready ourselves to challenge the status quo and challenge others to do so…

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